• Construction of Timber Buildings

    • 1. Project Management and Construction Management

      MBA Girts Zarins, Riga Technical University

      Project management as a method for implementing construction objects. Lecture covers overview of construction object lifecycle and relevant aspects for phases with focus on Project management, project execution as construction phase and specifics for construction.


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      PM and Construction

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      PM and Construction (Slides)

    • 2. Moisture Management in the Construction of Timber Buildings

      Cristina Tirteu, Häme University of Applied Sciences


      Timber is hydroscopic, meaning that it absorbs water. Some preservatives can increase timber’s ability to attract and absorb moisture. When timber absorbs moisture, the piece of timber will increase in dimension by up to 5% across the grain and 0.1% along the length. Drying will cause the opposite effect. When moisture is poorly managed, these combined properties of core wood can cause bow, crook, cut and twist in a piece of timber, none of which are desirable on a building project. Adding to this, moisture influences all the timber's mechanical properties as well. For this reason, keeping timber dry at every stage of the project is critical.

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      Moisture Management in the Construction of Timber Buildings